Are you willing to become a YouTube partner? Here’s our suggestions to get started in no time!

We are proud to be a member of the Fullscreen Multi-Channel Network.
Multi-Channel Networks (or MCN), are a very efficient and rapid way to get partnered and paid on YouTube, with several extra services which Google AdSense may not offer.

There are lots of MCNs available on YouTube, but our personal choice went to Fullscreen. But what this network offers? Here’s what we have personally discovered on our long-time experience:

  • Serious Network Company – NO SCAM
  • Very low payment threshold (50 USD)
  • No lifetime contract – the maximum duration is two years each
  • Advanced and in-deep earnings overview, including Facebook stats
  • Get direct help and analysis from a Fullscreen Partner member via email
  • Get help from a huge Fullscreen community in forums
  • Get Fullscreen updates via email when YouTube changes move
  • Free Link Shortener
  • Get paid on your videos copied from other users
  • Get paid from your live events
  • Contact Fullscreen Support whenever you need help
  • Use Fullscreen Uploader to upload on all your social sites and store your videos online
  • Get extra loyalty-free video and audio contents with Fullscreen’s partnership and/or discounts with Pond5, Epidemic Sound, We Are the Hits, Jingle Punks and more
  • Get help in selling merchandise and distribute your own music
  • Take part to extra video contests and giveaways from Fullscreen

If you like these points, and want to join Fullscreen and become a YouTube Partner, make sure to use this link:

If you decide to join Fullscreen with us by using this link, we will make sure to follow your case and give you any help and information if you are new to the system, regarding both Fullscreen and YouTube Partnership for the first four months. (NB: our support is available if your channel has more than 5000 subscribers only and if you effectively become a YouTube Partner).

Happy joining!