There are lots of software products dedicated to graphic design, from 2D vectors and drawings, to very advanced 3D Modeling and Animation, used in Film and Game environment. Here’s a quick overview on the most famous software on the market!

Adobe Illustrator CC (Windows and OSX)

Adobe Illustrator is one of the top software products for vector drawings. Fix your document size by choosing between several standard templates, and then start drawing, with several vector tools, from the simple Line tool to the famous Pen Tool, to realize curves and customized shapes and Text tools. Several drawing aids, snappings and guide lines will help you at making a correct and symmetrical drawing. Then, personalize your drawing, by applying solid colors, gradients, proper line style and several effects, such as shadow, glow, transparency, distortion, Styling and even 3D advanced effects. Illustrator CC is definitely the right software to realize 2D and 3D advanced drawings, especially to design professional logos. Illustrator CC is available under a subscription plan.

Adobe Photoshop CC (Windows and OSX)

Despite being focused on photo-editing, Photoshop CC is seriously great to realize also vector drawings, by sharing the most important tools from Illustrator, such as the Pen, the Text and the 3D Tools, but does not offer the same amount of features and effects. It is suggested in case you need a unique software that combines photo manipulations with complete vector drawings together. As Illustrator, this is available under a subscription plan only.

Corel CorelDRAW (Windows)

CorelDRAW is the perfect alternative for Adobe Illustrator CC, in case you do not want to go for a subscription plan. CorelDRAW has really anything you need to create and customize your vector drawings: tools to quickly draw lines, curves (including the Pen Tool), regular shapes and circles, but also advanced tools to apply transparency, shadow, distortion and 3D Extrusion for objects and Text. But CorelDRAW is not just vector drawing. It also has advanced adjustments and effects to improve the appearance of your images and photos, which makes this software great for quick photo corrections without searching for another product. A very professional software with a very friendly user interface makes it a great choice for both beginners and professionals.

Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya

Autodesk offers two very powerful and professional software to realize 3D Modeling and Animation: 3ds Max and Maya, that make them the number one choice for gaming and film environment. Draw 2D objects with an outstanding list of drawing tools, and enter into 3D modeling with Mesh, NURBS objects and loads of editing tools, to customize your shape and its animation the way you like most. Then, finalize your work done by applying real-like Materials and light and shadow effects. Depending on your purpose, you may choose either Maya or 3ds Max. So it is suggested to check the Trial version of these before buying. Both of them are available under subscription plan.

3ds Max (Windows): a little more powerful for advanced 3D object and character Modeling.

Maya (Windows and OSX): still good for advanced Modeling, but especially it offers high quality for Animations:

Pixologic ZBrush (Windows and OSX)

ZBrush is one of the most advanced and professional software products for 3D Modeling and Animation, without any subscription plan. Due to the huge amount of features and tools, this is highly recommended to people already used to 3D modeling. Despite its complexity, ZBrush is the number one choice for its very high level on 3D Modeling, which include lots of different 3D Materials, Brush and Textures. Indeed, it also includes very advanced tools, able to draw a basic human shape with no time. Also, the outstanding list of 3D brushes allow you to customize and define the shape as you like most.