Are you not sure about Photo Editing and Manipulation? On the market there are really many and many products dedicated to photos and pictures. Besides Adobe Photoshop, we have presented here several other valuable alternatives: choose the one you like most!

Adobe Lightroom (Windows and OSX)

Adobe Lightroom is number one choice for the majority professional photographers and freelancers. Its well-done combination between a very easy and immediate interface, and very advanced and in-deep tools and adjustments, makes this software an optimal and flexible choice whatever is your starting level. Organize and manage your photo collections, control your colors with the Histogram, correct your photos pixel-by-pixel or, if you are in a hurry, use more automated corrections, by applying ready-templates. Let’s not forget the amazing face corrections, able to easily correct skin and eyes color and imperfections – and the unique ability to create books and slideshow with your photo collections. This software is available only under a subscription plan.

Adobe Photoshop CC (Windows and OSX)

Adobe Photoshop CC is the most used photo editing software on the market. If you are going to buy Photoshop, it is due to its immense features, that allow you to use it for several different kinds of projects, from photo corrections, manipulations and severe editing, to GIFs creation, realize vector 2D and 3D drawings at a high level of detail, basic animation, and even text documents, due to its advanced control on text properties and paragraph. However, with respect to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CC is a very professional software, and does not provide greater automated tools and/or ready-templates to correct and edit your photos: you still need to edit pixel by pixels manually – although this allows you to control really anything regarding your pictures. It is based on a subscription plan.

Adobe Photoshop Elements (Windows and OSX)

Adobe Photoshop Elements is the best and cheapest solution to have a complete photo editing software, without going into a subscription-based plan as Photoshop CC. As the name suggests, in this simple software you find the most essential and fundamental tools to edit your photo the best, from color corrections, face adjustments and selection tools. Indeed, this is also your best choice also in case you are in doubt: its three different user interfaces make this software completely flexible and independent from your starting level. Use the Quick and the Guided workspaces to apply quick and guided corrections on your picture, by using automated tools and step-by-step instructions, in case you are a beginner. When you are ready, switch to the Expert workspace, and get in touch with a professional user interface more close to Adobe Photoshop CC, to control each pixel of your photo.

Corel PaintShop (Windows)

Corel PaintShop is the best alternative to Adobe Lightroom, especially in case you are not friendly with time-limited subscription plans. This software has a very friendly interface (very similar to Lightroom) – so great for beginners and amateurs – and includes several advanced tools for color and face corrections, noise removal and lens corrections, and so more suitable for professionals. But what it may make it even better than Lightroom sometimes, is the great Edit workspace, which is a very complete collection of tools quite similar (but much more simplified) to Adobe Photoshop CC, allowing deep control on each single pixel on your photo. Corel PaintShop is indeed a good matching between Lightroom and Photoshop CC.

Phase One Capture One (Windows and OSX)

Capture One competes with Adobe Lightroom in offering several advanced tools, to edit and customize your picture at an outstanding level. It can be your best alternative in case you don’t want to go through a subscription plan, without losing all the professional tools of Adobe Lightroom. Although being extremely complete and precise, Capture One does not offer the same user-immediate interface, making it very good for professionals, which are used to photo editing, rather than amateurs starting from scratch.