Get the best useful products from Digiarty

Digiarty Software Inc. is the owner of several outstanding products, very useful for your own daily necessities, from back-up, to video conversion and YouTube downloaders. Check these out!

Get the best useful products from Digiarty

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Get the best useful products from Digiarty

Digiarty Software Inc. is the owner of several outstanding products, very useful for your own daily necessities, from back-up, to video conversion and YouTube downloaders. Check these out!

There are several software in the market that are extremely useful. Here is the list of all the software that we suggest!

CyberLink PowerDVD (Windows)

CyberLink PowerDVD is the most outstanding media player software available on the market. It is able to open all the majority video formats and pictures, and becomes a quick browser through YouTube and Vimeo sites, in order to watch your online videos at an outstanding quality. PowerDVD also manages your own videos list, your music playlist, and even TV series and shows. Its Home page shows all the latest trailers, news and the most watched films and series from CyberLink community. The unique True Theater improves the appearance of your videos, which can become even better than the original, while the TV Mode allows to use PowerDVD through a quick and simple interface – the best for a TV remote control. PowerDVD is one of the very best choices to playback and manage your own media.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio (Windows and OSX)

Camtasia is known to be one of the best products to record your own screen and from your webcam, activating or deactivating both your microphone and the system audio. Choose whether to record in full screen, or define a customized area, by typing the pixels. Video recordings are made directly as .avi format, but you can choose a .trec format to directly import your recording inside the Camtasia Editor, in order to start a complete video processing on your recording, to add captions, annotations, transitions, voice narrations, video effects and even cursor effects every time you click. Camtasia is indeed the most suggested choice to make videos from your computer screen, including capturing and video-processing, at an advanced level more than other software.

Digiarty Video Converter (Windows and OSX)

Digiarty Video Converter is one of the best software to convert your videos without losing quality, which includes a lot of extra features to cover several common needs. Convert your videos to any video file format, including the ones to import to iPhones, Android phones and game consoles. You can also choose an audio format to extract audio from your videos directly. But Video Converter is not just this. It is also able to edit your videos, by adjusting volume, adding subtitles, and even applying trimming, cropping and adding any watermark. Moreover, it is also a YouTube downloader, which extracts online videos in full HD, by simply pasting the video link inside the software. And, it is also a video recorder that records a video from either your webcam or your computer screen. Last, but not least, you can also realize basic slideshows starting from a list of picture selected. Everything inside a unique software.

Stellar Photo Recovery (Windows and OSX)

Stellar Photo Recovery is a software completely free of charge very useful to recover media files you may have lost. By simply scanning any local drive, any hard-disk or removable device, this software is able to retrieve videos, images, and sound files with any format that have been digitally (and not physically) removed. Once found, get a preview of all the images, and playback all the videos, before recovering them. In case the scan disk is taking too much time, simply save the results, and resume another time! Additionally, Photo Recovery is able to create backup images of your hard-drive, in order to recover all your files in case the drive fails. And, as the software name suggests, you can also recover damaged .jpeg pictures.

Microsoft OneNote (Windows and OSX)

Microsoft OneNote is a free software available from the Microsoft Office series. This software transforms either your computer or your smartphone into a digital copybook, where you can take notes during a lesson, organize your days by using its agenda, or write your shopping list of the day. Create reports, take important data, and save your pages via OneDrive, in order to access to your own notebook from any smart device. Create a new page, decide whether to use the Rules or the Grids, and start typing and regulating the text properties, headings, symbols and equations as you do in Microsoft Word. But this is much more than a simple copybook. OneNote is fully compatible with the other Office products, so you can fast import Excel spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, and paste directly Office files. You can also add active hyperlinks to add a website address, import pictures, and even record any video or audio from your computer. If you are in a hurry, close OneNote directly: your pages are automatically saved every time.

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We are proud to be a member of the Fullscreen Multi-Channel Network.
Multi-Channel Networks (or MCN), are a very efficient and rapid way to get partnered and paid on YouTube, with several extra services which Google AdSense may not offer.

There are lots of MCNs available on YouTube, but our personal choice went to Fullscreen. But what this network offers? Here’s what we have personally discovered on our long-time experience:

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  • Get direct help and analysis from a Fullscreen Partner member via email
  • Get help from a huge Fullscreen community in forums
  • Get Fullscreen updates via email when YouTube changes move
  • Free Link Shortener
  • Get paid on your videos copied from other users
  • Get paid from your live events
  • Contact Fullscreen Support whenever you need help
  • Use Fullscreen Uploader to upload on all your social sites and store your videos online
  • Get extra loyalty-free video and audio contents with Fullscreen’s partnership and/or discounts with Pond5, Epidemic Sound, We Are the Hits, Jingle Punks and more
  • Get help in selling merchandise and distribute your own music
  • Take part to extra video contests and giveaways from Fullscreen

If you like these points, and want to join Fullscreen and become a YouTube Partner, make sure to use this link:

If you decide to join Fullscreen with us by using this link, we will make sure to follow your case and give you any help and information if you are new to the system, regarding both Fullscreen and YouTube Partnership for the first four months. (NB: our support is available if your channel has more than 5000 subscribers only and if you effectively become a YouTube Partner).

Happy joining!

Audio Editing software – known as DAW (Digital Audio Workspace) – are specialized in everything you need to produce, record, edit and adjust audio samples and compositions, from the most professional ones used in music production to the easiest ones to use, recommended in case you want to apply quick and fast editing. Let’s take a look!

ImageLine Fruity Loops Studio (Windows and OSX)

FL Studio is one of the most used DAW software, kindly suggested for both amateurs and professional music makers. Lots are the reasons: the immediate and friendly user interface, its loads and loads of Audio Effects and Synthesizers, and the easy structure of your audio project. Your audio track is inside a Playlist, which is made by repeatable Patterns, and each Pattern contains several channels, which welcome a beat, a melody or speech. Compose each of your channels, by enabling or disabling time steps, or switch to the Piano Roll to make completely personalized notes. Moreover, take advantage of the huge number of samples, automations and other features, such as a professional Mixer, a Limiter and a Compressor to improve the overall audio sound. FL Studio is definitely a great choice whether if you have never used a DAW or you are a professional musician, and is also the only one that gives unlimited updates forever.

Ableton Live (Windows and OSX)

Ableton Live is one of the most used DAW software on the market, as much as FL Studio. Despite its harder user interface, Ableton Live gives an outstanding level of control of your sound at every aspect. Use the Session view to make your compositions, including instrumentals, melodies and speech, realizing the fundamental tracks you are going to use – then switch to the Arrangement view to create your overall Audio Track. Use the loads of samples available, or just compose your melody by using the Piano Roll or via the Instruments section in no time. Loads of Audio and MIDI Effects are available, including automations to change properties in time and Limiter and Compression to improve your audio quality.

Steinberg Cubase (Windows and OSX)

Cubase is a complete DAW software very good for both amateurs and professional music makers. Its immediate user interface allows to straight start realizing your Audio Track in no time, whatever is your starting level. Pick a ready-template depending on your target, or just start from a new empty project. Your Audio Track is realized through several Tracks (or Channels), each welcoming audio samples or MIDI compositions, which can be edited as video clips –by moving, stretching and working on them directly. You can edit each channel as you like, by applying several outstanding audio effects and adjustments, including audio compression, advanced filtering, and even direct drawings on the audio waveform. Cubase is the excellent result between an advanced and complete DAW and a very easy workspace to use. It is highly suggested to people that want to start composing professional tracks.

Apple GarageBand (OSX)

Apple GarageBand is a complete DAW software included in Mac OSX, which makes it great for beginners and amateurs, since it is free and it also includes several online music lessons. When you start, you can either pick a ready template, or just start with a new empty project. Its direct workspace is made of several tracks, each welcoming audio samples or MIDI over the timeline. Despite being completely free, GarageBand is indeed a complete DAW, able to realize your own compositions with a Piano Roll, to apply audio filters with the Equalizer, and adjust the sound output by editing the Synthesizers properties or applying any compression. GarageBand is the best free alternative in case you want to create your own Audio Tracks also in a professional way.

Presonus Studio One (Windows and OSX)

Studio One is a cheaper alternative to Cubase and FL Studio, without losing professional audio features. Its very friendly interface shows your overall audio project in several Tracks (or Channels), with clips containing drums, melodies and MIDI compositions completely customizable. All these clips can be edited directly on the timeline, making audio editing faster and easier. Moreover, Studio One provides loads and loads of instrumentals, synthesizers for your MIDI clips, Audio Effects, and it allows to import entire Projects on your timeline. If you are not sure, you can try the Prime version, which is completely free of charge.

MAGIX Sound Forge Pro (Windows and OSX)

If you are not looking for a too complex DAW software, but a professional product to edit your own tracks and audio samples very quickly when needed, Sound Forge can be the best (and cheapest) choice for you. Its extremely intuitive interface is perfect for amateurs and everyone that needs to edit sound in one touch, rather than composing and rendering a professional track. Import your sample file, cut and split its audio waveform, change its playback rate, adjust its volume and apply fade transitions. From the Plug-In Chooser, browse and apply the proper Audio Effect from the long list, and draw your own envelope line to make the effect change in time as you like. One of the best products from MAGIX company dedicated to Audio Editing. Consider that Sound Forge is not able to manage MIDI files.

MAGIX ACID Music Studio (Windows)

In respect to Sound Forge, Music Studio is a DAW software more focused on true audio composition and production, able to manage both rendered audio samples and MIDI files on a multiple-track workspace. Its user-interface remains very simple, dividing your overall audio project in several independent Tracks, able to welcome even pictures and videos (although you can’t edit these at all). Music Studio is also able to mix up several audio files, in order to realize a music composition, or even render a video with your newest soundtrack. As seen in Sound Forge, you can edit each single clip directly, by changing its volume, transition fades, audio effects and fully customizable envelopes – but here you can also open a Piano Roll and start composing your MIDI Track!Also, the timeline divided in beats and bars can be a great help at keeping the correct rhythm on your project. All of this at an unbeatable price on the market.

Adobe Audition (Windows and OSX)

Adobe Audition is a professional DAW that allows to make advanced editing on a sample file (such as Sound Forge), and to render an audio file generated by several sample files, organized and edited on several tracks (such as Music Studio). Open your sample on the Waveform Editor, and cut, copy, paste and edit parts of its waveform, regulate volume where it is needed, and apply Audio Effects to improve or distort its sound. Check its frequency spectrum time by time, directly on the timeline in one touch. When all your sample tracks are ready, switch to the Multitrack workspace, and place all your files in time correctly, adjusting their volume, stereo balance and then apply envelope lines and fade transitions. Even if it is not able to manage MIDI files properly, Audition is able to import videos on your tracks, in order to render it with your own customized audio tracks just made. Adobe Audition is available just under a subscription plan.

In case you are about to open a business activity or you need to manage your job in the most efficient way, there are several software which can give you a great help. Let’s check these!

For offline and online slideshow presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows and OSX)

Microsoft PowerPoint is the number one choice to create, manage and present a slideshow. Create a professional slide by dropping text, basic shapes with filling and outline, images adjusted in brightness, contrast and color, and add symbols, equations and even full tables and charts completely customizable, as you need. PowerPoint is fully compatible with all the other Office products – so you can edit an Excel spreadsheet directly on your slide page. Indeed text is fully managed professionally as in Microsoft Word, adjusting font family, style, size, distribution and even filling and outline. Once your slides are done, check the result by playing all of them through a Presentation in full screen. If you prefer, you can also add outstanding visual and audio animations if you want to make your slideshow more attractive.

Apple Keynote (OSX)

Apple Keynote is a free software included in your Mac, very useful to make professional presentations and slideshows. Pick a ready graphic template, and start creating your own slides, by adding text, charts, tables, shapes or your own media on each of your slides. The slide template allows you to make a clean and organized slideshow even if you start from a beginner level. Then customize all your elements by adding special contours, filling, shadow, transparency and reflection. If you import a video or a picture, you can directly crop, size and apply corrections on its appearance. Keynote also has the ability to apply great transitions to your slides, and effects to each of your slide elements to make your presentation awesome.

For your own documents, magazines or advertisements

Microsoft Word (Windows and OSX)

Microsoft Word is the leader software in realizing and managing text documents. Here you have full control of your document: fix the layout page, regulate the space from the borders, then create any numbered Index, and organize your document by typing several degrees of Headings and Titles as you need. For each heading or paragraph, decide the text style, by selecting font family, style, color, space, or even effects, such as shadow and glow. Indeed, it is not just about text: you can add tables, charts, images, customized shapes, and even math equations, which makes Microsoft Word a very flexible software for any document topic. By considering also that is fully compatible with other Office products, Word is surely a must-to-have software for any document presentation on a large scale.

Adobe InDesign (Windows and OSX)

Adobe InDesign is one of the best choices to make magazines and document pages. In respect to Microsoft Word, InDesign has several features to manage your document in a more intuitive way. Your document does not go from top to bottom line per line, but it is indeed as a sheet of blank paper, where you can type text and draw freely at every side of the page. Drop entire text paragraphs, draw customized shapes with the Pen Tool, getting help from useful guidelines, and personalize your own objects by applying stroke, filling, personalizing borders, and adding amazing gradients, feather and border effects. InDesign, as other Adobe products, is available only under a subscription plan.

Quark QuarkXPress (Windows and OSX)

Quark QuarkXPress is a great alternative to Adobe InDesign, if you do not want to go on a subscription plan. Create your document or magazine pages with a chosen standard format, draw shapes with the Pen Tool, and drop images and text freely on the empty space. Customize your own elements by applying a personalized filling or stroke with a solid color or outstanding gradients. Take your piece of text, and regulate its distribution, indent, its leading and tracking values, but also the number of columns to use. You can also link a column with another distant from it, in case you get your page covered with figures. QuarkXPress is the best choice for realizing documents for publicizing.

For your business management

Microsoft Project (Windows)

Microsoft Project is the most-used software to organize, plan and manage your business job, increasing the efficiency of your work, people and cost management. First define the working days and the all the personal and shared holidays, and then all your objectives, defining milestones, deadlines and constraints. Define all the people involved on these, adding name, contacts, email and additional data, and then assign to each one the most proper job. Link different objectives if they have to be done in order. Once the plan is defined, Project helps you rearranging your organization, indicating overlapped jobs, deadline not respected, and all the people overloaded or on holidays for a determined period. Project is indeed a great software for any business management.

Microsoft Access (Windows)

Microsoft Access is a Database Management System software, used to easily collect data, offline or online. You can use it to collect data from people, including their contacts, any website link, or any attachment, in order to save a database from a working group, a school class, or your own contacts. This data will compose a Table, which is filled manually, or through online Forms, where other people can import his own data directly on your database. If you need, export your data by creating a Report, and use inner functions by using automated Macros and Modules. Once your database is done, you can export it directly via .xml, .pdf or on Excel. Access is indeed one of the most suggested products to help you at managing your own databases.

To work and extract your data

Microsoft Excel (Windows and OSX)

Microsoft Excel is number one software to collect, organize and represent your data through several professional charts and tables. Accepting the major options (.csv - comma delimited, or space delimited), import your data inside your Excel columns, which can welcome text, numbers, dates, currencies and much more. Apply Filters - to show just the interested data - make calculations with ready functions, starting from the most basic ones such as sums, to the most advanced ones, such as statistical indicators like the variance. When data is ready, realize interactive 2D and 3D charts, completely customizable in background, color, line type and style. From such charts, you can also extrapolate data and show the variable dependence between two or more dimensions. Excel is indeed one of the best products to work with your data in an engineering environment.

To realize professional presentation drawings

Microsoft Visio (Windows)

Microsoft Visio is a very great software to realize professional drawings for any of your text documents or slideshow presentations. It comes with loads and loads of free templates, in order to draw mechanical, electrical and process engineering elements, from motors to transistors, but also flowcharts, maps, floor plans, and basic charts and graphs. You can also create your own customized shapes, by providing connectors, connection points and text. Several drawing aids are provided, such as snappings, rulers, grids and object keypoints. Indeed Visio is the best choice to create drawings for official and business documents.

For business communication

Microsoft Outlook (Windows and OSX)

Microsoft Outlook is the perfect email portal on your computer. Import all your email addresses on Outlook in one minute, due to the complete automated import system. Outlook will show all your new emails from each of the added accounts, without logging in every time on the several email providers. Save all your contacts, your older emails inside archives, and apply rules to automatically filter spam emails or move important emails into your favorite folders. Due to the follow-ups and tasks, you can also take track of all your duties and responses yet to send. Outlook is more than just emails: you can also make online appointments and meetings, complete with date and location, to invite other people, and accept/decline the ones you receive, by checking your availability via your Outlook calendar.

There are lots of software products dedicated to graphic design, from 2D vectors and drawings, to very advanced 3D Modeling and Animation, used in Film and Game environment. Here’s a quick overview on the most famous software on the market!

Adobe Illustrator CC (Windows and OSX)

Adobe Illustrator is one of the top software products for vector drawings. Fix your document size by choosing between several standard templates, and then start drawing, with several vector tools, from the simple Line tool to the famous Pen Tool, to realize curves and customized shapes and Text tools. Several drawing aids, snappings and guide lines will help you at making a correct and symmetrical drawing. Then, personalize your drawing, by applying solid colors, gradients, proper line style and several effects, such as shadow, glow, transparency, distortion, Styling and even 3D advanced effects. Illustrator CC is definitely the right software to realize 2D and 3D advanced drawings, especially to design professional logos. Illustrator CC is available under a subscription plan.

Adobe Photoshop CC (Windows and OSX)

Despite being focused on photo-editing, Photoshop CC is seriously great to realize also vector drawings, by sharing the most important tools from Illustrator, such as the Pen, the Text and the 3D Tools, but does not offer the same amount of features and effects. It is suggested in case you need a unique software that combines photo manipulations with complete vector drawings together. As Illustrator, this is available under a subscription plan only.

Corel CorelDRAW (Windows)

CorelDRAW is the perfect alternative for Adobe Illustrator CC, in case you do not want to go for a subscription plan. CorelDRAW has really anything you need to create and customize your vector drawings: tools to quickly draw lines, curves (including the Pen Tool), regular shapes and circles, but also advanced tools to apply transparency, shadow, distortion and 3D Extrusion for objects and Text. But CorelDRAW is not just vector drawing. It also has advanced adjustments and effects to improve the appearance of your images and photos, which makes this software great for quick photo corrections without searching for another product. A very professional software with a very friendly user interface makes it a great choice for both beginners and professionals.

Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya

Autodesk offers two very powerful and professional software to realize 3D Modeling and Animation: 3ds Max and Maya, that make them the number one choice for gaming and film environment. Draw 2D objects with an outstanding list of drawing tools, and enter into 3D modeling with Mesh, NURBS objects and loads of editing tools, to customize your shape and its animation the way you like most. Then, finalize your work done by applying real-like Materials and light and shadow effects. Depending on your purpose, you may choose either Maya or 3ds Max. So it is suggested to check the Trial version of these before buying. Both of them are available under subscription plan.

3ds Max (Windows): a little more powerful for advanced 3D object and character Modeling.

Maya (Windows and OSX): still good for advanced Modeling, but especially it offers high quality for Animations:

Pixologic ZBrush (Windows and OSX)

ZBrush is one of the most advanced and professional software products for 3D Modeling and Animation, without any subscription plan. Due to the huge amount of features and tools, this is highly recommended to people already used to 3D modeling. Despite its complexity, ZBrush is the number one choice for its very high level on 3D Modeling, which include lots of different 3D Materials, Brush and Textures. Indeed, it also includes very advanced tools, able to draw a basic human shape with no time. Also, the outstanding list of 3D brushes allow you to customize and define the shape as you like most.