Video Editing software are the right ones in case you want to create your own slideshow and customized videos. If you are in distress with the best one to choose for you, let’s get a quick overview on what the market offers.

MAGIX Movie Studio and Vegas Pro (Windows)

Movie Studio and Vegas Pro are surely the top professional video editing software products on the market, that we officially use for our video guides. It suggested to all the people that already know making video editing, especially all the ones that do not need to spend a lot of time to make quick and fast video adjustments and video-audio sync. By buying and including Third-Party Plug-Ins (such as NewBlue Titler Pro, or Boris FX BCC), you are then able to apply professional effects, such as 3D Text and motion tracking at an outstanding level of control. However, in respect to other software, these products do not allow automated editing or wide selections of video and audio samples, or ready-to-use templates.
Movie Studio or Vegas Pro? Movie Studio is highly recommended if you do not want to go professional in video editing, or in case you don’t want to buy the full expensive package. Consider that Movie Studio allows between 10 and 200 Tracks maximum, and manage audio files up to 16bit at 48kHz. You may go for Vegas Pro for unlimited Tracks, full 4K rendering, loads of video effects and transitions, and high-quality audio of 24bit at 192kHz.

CyberLink PowerDirector (Windows)

CyberLink PowerDirector is surely one of the best and cheapest software for video editing for both amateurs and professionals. Quick and easy interface, fastest rendering on the market, and an infinite and free collection of effects, text templates and transitions that can be downloaded from the official DirectorZone website, without buying any expensive Third Party Plug-In. It has everything you need to build a professional video on your own with the Full Feature Editor, but it also allows to create videos completely automatically, by importing all your files, and choosing your favorite template, Theme Designer, Express project and Slideshow Creator. Also Capture and recording options are available. If you are looking for a good trade-off between advanced and professional software, and very user-friendly features and interfaces, this is the best choice for you!
Check DirectorZone website here:

Pinnacle Studio (Windows)

As CyberLink PowerDirector, Pinnacle Studio is a good compromise between a professional expensive software and a basic video editing software. A very super user-friendly interface allows to straight start editing your videos, applying Text and loads of effects and transitions you like most. Pinnacle Studio is surely the best and easiest software to create DVD customized menus with the Author mode. Personalize Titles, add Chapters, and add picture or video thumbnails as you like. Moreover, the dynamic rendering is performed while you working on your project, and allows to check your project in real full quality. However, this software does not offer the loads of free effects, transitions and ready templates of PowerDirector (600k). You start from 1k templates, up to 2k when switching to a more expensive license (Ultimate), but that’s far enough to create great videos and slideshows!

EditShare Lightworks (Windows and OSX)

Lightworks is a rising video editing software that keeps getting better and better in the latest years. A completely free software, that gives everything you need to create your own videos and slideshows, by allowing Text, Transitions, Video and Audio Effects, but also advanced editing, such as envelope lines and Keyframes. Since the latest version, the user interface has been improved deeply, bringing this software a very great and cheap alternative to other products on payment. The Free version does not have any heavy limitations, except for the render options, which are available only for online websites (YouTube and Vimeo), and up to 720p HD only. A PRO version is available under subscription basis. As Movie Studio and Vegas Pro, this software is perfect for manual editing, but does not provide any automation or ready-project templates.

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve (Windows and OSX)

DaVinci Resolve is the perfect free alternative to very professional software such as Vegas Pro. With the basic free version, it comes up with loads of Effects, Transitions, Keyframes and envelope curves, full advanced clip corrections and adjustments, super-fast preview, and full video rendering customization, complete with templates to upload in YouTube and Vimeo with the maximum quality. Despite being a free version, it allows to export high-quality audio tracks, and full Ultra 4K videos. If you desire to go PRO, you can also deliver videos over 4K and up to 120fps, and get additional Effects and Transitions! Since it is more suitable to professional video projects, it is not suggested for amateurs, unless you are used to edit videos. In fact, no ready project templates are available, nor automated systems to realize videos and slideshows.

Apple iMovie (OSX)

Apple iMovie is a free video editing software available on Mac computers. Due to its very friendly user interface and workspace, iMovie is the perfect combination between a basic video editing software - to start editing videos for the first time – and a very advanced one, with features such as fade transitions, volume fades, 2D and 3D Transitions, color corrections, clip adjustments – but also Green Screening, Picture-In-Picture, noise reduction, audio effects and filtering, and lots of amazing Text templates. However, this software doesn’t allow to customize your renderings, delivering only .mov file formats with maximum 1080p HD resolution. You will have to contain your project within two Audio Tracks and two Video Tracks maximum as well!

Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Premiere Elements (Windows and OSX)

Adobe Premiere is a leader on the marker concerning video editing, and comes with two main versions: Premiere Pro CC, and Premiere Elements.

If you are an amateur, and you are starting realizing simple videos on your own, Premiere Elements is the best choice. Being one of the cheapest and most flexible video editing software on the market, Premiere Elements is a super-safe choice in case you are seriously in doubt: its workspaces (Quick, Guided and Expert), give you different interfaces depending on your current editing level. Use the Quick and the Guided workspaces to realize your own video by using a StoryBoard view, applying advanced and professional effects through step-by-step dynamic guides. If you are expert enough, just switch to the Expert workspace and its Timeline view, and start using the standard interface closer to advanced professional video editing software on the market. Premiere Elements comes with essentials corrections and video/audio effects.

To go completely professional, you would prefer Premiere Pro CC. With respect to Premiere Elements, this is offered on subscription basis only. This software product is one of the most professional ones for video editing, which includes Text editing features, fast live-preview, playback rate adjustments, and a greater collection of Video and Audio Transitions and Effects, including Keyframe features. You also have the possibility to fully control the rendering options, by using ready templates or creating completely customized options and resolution.

Adobe After Effects CC (Windows and OSX)

Adobe After Effects is number one choice for professional film, TV and web video making. It is highly suggested for professionals in video production, possibly along Adobe Premiere Pro CC to cover basic video editing, and Adobe Animate CC to cover character modeling. All these are available on subscription basis only. The main reason to use After Effects is to apply post-video processing on videos and/or animations made previously, applying video and image corrections and adjustments, 3D motion and perspective, in-deep editing on clip and Effect properties. With live-preview and completely customized rendering options, After Effects is the best software to finalize your hard work done, in order to impress your future viewers.

Corel VideoStudio (Windows)

Corel VideoStudio is a great software for amateurs. With a quick and friendly user interface, it allows to apply Video and Audio Effects, Adjustments, Time Stretch and Transitions. You can either use the Storyboard view (for beginners) or the Timeline view, closer to more professional video editing. Moreover, the Capture workspace allows to record either from your microphone, webcam and even from your Computer screen. Sound samples are available, including full rendering options, optimized for offline renderings, online uploads to YouTube and Vimeo, video import to Devices and Consoles, and even mastering on DVDs. Its very simple interface is perfect for people that would like to start into deep video editing without getting lost.