In respect to Sound Forge, Music Studio is a DAW software more focused on true audio composition and production, able to manage both rendered audio samples and MIDI files on a multiple-track workspace.

Its user-interface remains very simple, dividing your overall audio project in several independent Tracks, able to welcome even pictures and videos (although you can’t edit these at all). Music Studio is also able to mix up several audio files, in order to realize a music composition, or even render a video with your newest soundtrack.

As seen in Sound Forge, you can edit each single clip directly, by changing its volume, transition fades, audio effects and fully customizable envelopes, but here you can also open a Piano Roll and start composing your MIDI Track! Also, the timeline divided in beats and bars can be a great help at keeping the correct rhythm on your project. All of this at an unbeatable price on the market.

Discover more about Music Studio in our official tutorial.

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By choosing ACID Pro, you bring yourself at the next level, with additional and powerful features, effects and corrections you can apply to your tracks, starting from the base of Music Studio. It includes pitch controls, loops and MIDI compositions, Piano Rolls and synthesizers. Get to it!

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