Microsoft OneNote is a free software available from the Microsoft Office series.

This software transforms either your computer or your smartphone into a digital copybook, where you can take notes during a lesson, organize your days by using its agenda, or write your shopping list of the day. Create reports, take important data, and save your pages via OneDrive, in order to access to your own notebook from any smart device. Create a new page, decide whether to use the Rules or the Grids, and start typing and regulating the text properties, headings, symbols and equations as you do in Microsoft Word. But this is much more than a simple copybook.

OneNote is fully compatible with the other Office products, so you can fast import Excel spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, and paste directly Office files. You can also add active hyperlinks to add a website address, import pictures, and even record any video or audio from your computer.

If you are in a hurry, close OneNote directly: your pages are automatically saved every time.

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