VEGAS Movie Studio 16 is out!

If the most-common VEGAS Pro is too professional and expensive (up to 600 USD), Movie Studio is the right choice for you, with the most intuitive interface ever on the market and a complete set of features at the same level of a professional product like VEGAS ProPremiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

In addition, Movie Studio offers a new Welcome Screen to start up and two new workspaces such as Guided movie creator and Easy Editing Mode. The first one allows to create videos from scratch through step-by-step instructions from the beginning to the final render. The second one transforms the standard workspace into an easier one, perfect if you are just starting in video production. Simply.. delicious!

Version 16 also comes with very great updates and extra content! Besides the load of effects available you have a complete collection of transitions from NewBlueFX Ultimate 5, which can really make the difference with your videos and slideshows (from Platinum version and up).

Movie Studio Screenshot
Huge collection of transitions from NewBlueFX 5 Ultimate on Movie Studio 16

Movie Studio 16 also includes updates from VEGAS Pro, such as advanced Track Motion effectsVideo Stabilization to remove shakiness and blurriness from motion videos, full 360° spherical-videos workflow and amazing auto-save and backup options, not to lose anything with your project in progress.

Vagas Movie Studio Screenshot
Backup and auto-save options inside Movie Studio 16

This product is available for Windows users (64 bit only) in three different flavours: basic (50 USD), Platinum (80 USD) and Suite (140 USD) which mostly differ on the NewBlue FX content inside.

You can check our discounts pages for Vagas Pro and Post and Movie Studio.

For the full set of new features, you can check the official page of Movie Studio or watch our official video on YouTube:

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