CyberLink PowerDVD 19 is one of the best Movie & Media Players for Windows platforms (64 bit recommended).

On these latest years, PowerDVD has improved a lot. Available in two different interfaces, dedicated to laptops (PC Mode) and to TVs (TV Mode), PowerDVD has everything to manage, collect and enhance your visual experience on your movies, TV shows and also your own clips and media recorded.
Get information, plots and casts on Hot Movies, TV Shows and the latest DVD and Blu-Ray Discs with comments and ratings from the whole CyberLink community to decide what to watch.

PowerDVD Latest Movies
PowerDVD’s dedicated page to the latest movies and TV shows

PowerDVD is also able to manage your own media content, divided in VideosPhotos and Music, that you can playback anytime and arrange them through custom Playlists and collections. You can also watch YouTube and Vimeo videos online directly from PowerDVD, supporting 4K, 8K content, 3D videos (with and without Virtual Reality headsets) and also the newest 360° spherical videos to get any point of view.

PowerDVD also enhances your media experience on both offline and online videos with its TrueTeather feature. PowerDVD analyzes the video settings and automatically corrects its appearance such as lighting, color, blacks, color depth and also details to watch it at its best. You can also regulate these options on your own by entering inside the TrueTheater setup.

PowerDVD TrueTeather
PowerDVD’s TrueTeather comparison: without adjustments (on the left) and after TrueTeather adjustments (on the right).

To know more about PowerDVD 19, check out the official CyberLink website. The PowerDVD license will come with also 30 GB of free storage on CyberLink Cloud!

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