Take the definite step in email security with ProtonMail! The no. 1 most secure email provider available on the market!

ProtonMail comes with the most secure end-to-end encryption on each single email communication, so that neither Proton Technologies nor third parties can ever detect or decrypt your email and personal data, protected at each single step. Also, no personal information is required to create a account – which also works on mobile devices – and is fully compatible with other email providers including Microsoft Outlook.

Protonmail compose screenshot
ProtonMail includes a very easy and intuitive interface to send and organize emails.

Privacy is at the first place, following the most strict privacy laws on Switzerland, where ProtonMail has its base: no IP logs get saved, neither the password you use to sign in. Open-Source Cryptography is used, at the leading edge of security such as AES, RSA along with OpenPGP for the highest levels of protection.

Get your free account with ProtonMail: no software installation is required!

You can upgrade to paid accounts (use this link for obtain a discount) to remove several strict limitations, such as:

  • Storage from 5GB to 20 GB;
  • Multiple email addresses;
  • Use a custom domain;
  • Full professional support;
  • Unlimited email sending per day;
  • Automatic responses.

Stay safe and protected with ProtonMail!

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