Adobe Audition is a professional DAW that allows to make advanced editing on a sample file (such as Sound Forge), and to render an audio file generated by several sample files, organized and edited on several tracks (such as Music Studio).

Open your sample on the Waveform Editor, and cut, copy, paste and edit parts of its waveform, regulate volume where it is needed, and apply Audio Effects to improve or distort its sound. Check its frequency spectrum time by time, directly on the timeline in one touch. When all your sample tracks are ready, switch to the Multitrack workspace, and place all your files in time correctly, adjusting their volume, stereo balance and then apply envelope lines and fade transitions.

Even if it is not able to manage MIDI files properly, Audition is able to import videos on your tracks, in order to render it with your own customized audio tracks just made. Adobe Audition is available just under a subscription plan, check the Official Page for more information or watch our video review:

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