Trimble SketchUp is the best easy-to-use CAD software available on the market.

Its simplified user interface is the best solution for people not used to CAD software, complete with 2D design tools and 3D drawing and modeling. Choose your proper template, to either start with a floor plan or a 3D project, and start drawing getting help from the Instructor panel if you need. Several editing tools allow to easily move, scale and rotate objects as you like.

Trimble SketchUp also goes professional, with a great list of Materials to apply to your objects, and the LayOut workspace, dedicated to advanced 2D presentations and floor plans. This software is available in two main versions:

  • SketchUp Pro this is the professional solution for companies that require a commercial use on the product. Available with a perpetual license without subscription.
  • SketchUp Make the free version of SketchUp, which is not available for commercial use. This is perfect if you want to try and learn a CAD software for the first time.

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