AVID Pro Tools is one of the best DAW software we can suggest to you, at the same level of professionality and control offered by FL Studio or Ableton Live. Get all your Tracks and samples in place, edit their length, time-stretch them, adjust the tempo and the time signature and build up your audio project.

But Avid Pro Tools is not about just simple editing: you can add your own automations, get full control over your Inserts and Sends and check the overall volume balance with a very professional Mixer panel. Pro Tools also includes outstanding recording options, piano rolls and instruments for your MIDI compositions, all in one place.

Pro Tools is suggested for everyone that knows how to make an audio project but also for everyone that wants to take a step ahead from the simpler audio editors such as Audition or Audacity. You can download and use Pro Tools First right away, being completely free!

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