Welcome to Microsoft SharePoint, a great solution with everything you need to realize your own intranet site and expand your internal communication across your organization and team members.

Microsoft SharePoint is available in two main versions: SharePoint Online and Server. Inside small businesses Online is the best with a very good trade-off between license costs and everything you can do inside your intranet pages, including articles, news, data management and collection, group administrators and advanced permission settings.

With this license you can also use your own domain name at a small extra price.

On the other way, SharePoint Server is the ‘main’ version of SharePoint, which is closer to its original concept. A part from server costs, this version is available with perpetual licenses and has a major level of security, data storage and intranet page design. You can also define additional and complex levels of permissions that SharePoint Online can’t reach. This remains the best for bigger companies pages.

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