Dear subscribers and simple visitors.. this past year has been truly one of the most difficult ones we had to face like all of you due to this corona..🦠

We hope this article can make you smile nevertheless. We will bring good and ‘bad’ changes to our daily job in order to deliver you better content but also dismiss several features that have not reached not so many of you. Feel free to provide some feedback!

Our new plans for 2021:

  • We will extend our general tutorial range, including also new software: programming, coding software already started, but also Google services in the future and free-to-use software you never knew up to now;
  • We will change our channel general appearance – something more professional. We think the dragon is not reflecting our style anymore. We think we are indeed freelancers but also have a lot of experience to give.
  • We will change our intros and outros. Something fresh new.
  • We will look for presenters. Since a lot of you still wonder if we use Text-To-Speech software (indeed we pay professional voiceovers for our videos!), we will include real humans speaking when presenting the video. Do not worry, they will come from our crew!
  • We may write comments out-of-context in respect to our tutorials. We would like to consider that there other things in life to take care about, especially during Corona.
  • A new webmaster will take care of the website starting from this Summer. Our website may become something completely new… who knows?!
  • Thanks to our Fullscreen partner, our Spanish channel will go on translating our content into Spanish language.
  • New giveaway compaigns will be still performed on our website as soon as we have others to launch.

Our points to be dismissed for 2021 (yes, there are!):

  • Until this Summer we may lower our general activity on our website, since we still cannot keep against its expenses (we have’t recovered the domain and server costs!). For this reason we may move our efforts on our YouTube channels a little more.
  • We may stop adding discount pages until this Summer. Also in this case we could not keep up with the expenses in building these pages, so we won’t offer more affiliated partnerships until we find a way to relaunch the website. We are very sorry!
  • We may lower our activity on Bai – Apps channel but not because we do not want to work on it, but because the new plans above require their time! We will get hands on it as soon as it is possible.

Wishing you a wonderful fresh-new 2021.

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