Animaker is a platform designed for the creation of animated and live action videos. Although it is mainly oriented for users with no particular experience in video editing, it is also used by users with basic knowledge and even by real professionals in the field.

Animaker’s interface is simple and intuitive, featuring a drag-and-drop style. It offers the ability to create your own videos with ready-made templates (with access to a vast media library) and then edit them according to your needs, changing the background, the main subject of the video or its facial expression, inserting customized text, and many other functions. Creating GIFs is also possible.

If you want to modify a previously created video, Animaker gives you the ability to operate in a practical timeline function where you can use a variety of basic editing tools to accomplish tasks, such as cutting the parts that don’t interest you or modifying the image trim.

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Once finished, it is possible to download your creations in the most common supported video formats.

Animaker is a service implemented on cloud servers and usable via browser, with no installation required.

Among the various usage plans, there is a free plan and several paid plans. There are several limitations to the free plan, including the application of a watermark to videos during export, reduced functions regarding the editing tools, and limits to the downloads of created videos. These limits are removed by the purchase of one of the premium plans.

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