Invideo is a video editing service offering an intuitive interface oriented towards inexperienced users, without any particular knowledge of the field.

One of the strengths of Invideo is definitely the wide selection of ready-made templates (more than 5000) and a very immediate system of text-to-video conversion. For example, if you want to create a video regarding a previously written article, all you need to do is copy and paste the text. The software will then convert it into a video using the template you’ve chosen, and you will have the ability to edit, adding images, text, and other multimedia elements.

Invideo Screenshot
Invideo interface overview

But Invideo doesn’t stop there. In addition to the basic functions already described, there is an editor for more experienced users, with a timeline to add or cut parts, images, audio elements, shapes, stickers, and much more. Each inserted element is fully editable.

Also worth mentioning is the Voice Generator function, which allows you to automatically generate a voiceover based on the text implemented in your video. The voices are available in different languages and can be either male or female.

The services offered by Invideo include a free basic plan, as well as paid Business and Unlimited plans. With the basic plan, you have access to the entire database of templates and media library, and the text-to-speech function, but are limited by a maximum duration of 15 minutes videos and the application of a watermark. Purchasing either of the paid plans allows for the removal of the watermark and the video’s time limitation, in addition to offering access to premium content in the media library and iStock database.

This software is completely online, so forget about any hard-disk or get worried about space occupation: sign in and you retrieve all your projects made directly!

If you choose to upgrade your license, you can use our link for a special discount!

For more information you can visit the official InVideo page, or check our official video review:


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