Adobe Premiere is a leader on the marker concerning video editing, and comes with two main versions: Premiere Pro, and Premiere Elements.

If you are an amateur, and you are starting realizing simple videos on your own, Premiere Elements is the best choice. Being one of the cheapest and most flexible video editing software on the market, Premiere Elements is a super-safe choice in case you are seriously in doubt: its workspaces (Quick, Guided and Expert), give you different interfaces depending on your current editing level. Use the Quick and the Guided workspaces to realize your own video by using a StoryBoard view, applying advanced and professional effects through step-by-step dynamic guides.

If you are expert enough, just switch to the Expert workspace and its Timeline view, and start using the standard interface closer to advanced professional video editing software on the market.
Premiere Elements comes with essentials corrections and video/audio effects.

To go completely professional, you would prefer Adobe Premiere Pro. With respect to Premiere Elements, this is offered on subscription basis only.

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This software product is one of the most professional ones for video editing, which includes Text editing features, fast live-preview, playback rate adjustments, and a greater collection of Video and Audio Transitions and Effects, including Keyframe features.

You also have the possibility to fully control the rendering options, by using ready templates or creating completely customized options and resolution.


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