WordPress is an open-source CMS for creating and managing websites based on PHP and MySQL.

The growing popularity of this powerful CMS is due to its extreme ease of use, even for beginners with no coding knowledge, as any web content can be created directly from a handy Dashboard that will allow us to update any page of our site in real-time, without having to write numerous lines of code.
It is no coincidence that WordPress is used by a considerable part of websites on the network.

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard Overview

Some features:


Apart from the management costs of a hosting provider, the WordPress platform is totally free.

Open Source

The code is available and several users use it to create custom themes and templates, plugins, and additional features all the time.


With recent versions and new themes, this CMS adapts seamlessly to a variety of devices, both Desktop and Mobile.

Customizable Features

Thanks to the implementation of Plugins available in a special “free marketplace” (or premium options available for purchase from their developers), WordPress features can be modified and/or customized to your liking, depending on your needs or the website to be developed. More than 50,000 plug-ins and 5,000 themes are available.

This solution proves to be one of the most widely used CMSs ever and is worth a try if you are thinking of developing a new website and don’t have much coding experience.

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