Autodesk AutoCAD 2022 is a “Computer-Assisted Design” (CAD) software created by Autodesk to facilitate the daily work of those construction professionals in their projects and drawings in 2D and 3D.

AutoCAD Interface
AutoCAD 2022 Interface

Projects are completely customizable thanks to the free-form design tools, a very detailed and clear analysis and visibility of the work in progress, the analysis of continuity between different surfaces, the extraction of isolinear curves, accurate TrustedDWG technology to ensure the maximum fidelity of the drawing, and related tools capable of adding comments and reviewing a DWG file securely without making changes to the drawing.

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We also have the ability to import files from Autodesk Inventor, add movable windows to show them simultaneously, even on different monitors, and create a custom interface oriented to be user-friendly.
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By virtue of its continuous update, Autodesk for 2022 bases its program on some main points:

  • The automation of tasks; greatly accelerates the completion time of a project, such as speeding up 3d modeling processes;
  • Cross-platform connectivity; which, through the various AutoCAD web and mobile applications (included in the subscription), allows users to access the software’s functionality on any device to design, share, and work on up-to-date files.

Autodesk AutoCAD is an extremely powerful and complete software and, although oriented to professionals and/or experienced users, can also be learned by novice users by following the appropriate tutorials, such as the one published on our YouTube channel.

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