Having a basic knowledge of HTML is one of the basic requirements for anyone who wants to be a webmaster or web developer.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is a markup language used to define the content of a web page. This content is then processed by a web browser, which interprets the HTML source code and then displays the correctly formatted web page on the screen.

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An example of HTML structure: open the browser, navigate to a random website, right click on any point on the open web page and select “View page source” (this function is available in all browsers), you will see the source code of the page.


HTML tags overview

You notice that there are several instructions enclosed in angle brackets, these instructions are called tags. A tag is used to define how a page content in our browser should be displayed, arranged and formatted, whether it is a textual or multimedia element.
We will demonstrate this concept with two simple text tags:

<h1>Hello World!</h1>.
<p>This is my first page!</p>

With the tag <h1>, i have defined that the text Hello World must appear in the browser as a large text, formatted so that it reflects a title or a header suitable for a Header. Using the tag <p> my text will go to appear of normal dimensions, formatted like a simple paragraph.
Note that each tag needs both an opening tag and a closing tag. An opening tag begins a content (text, images, multimedia elements…), and a closing tag ends it.
Syntax will be:


You can try the examples shown above by pasting the p and h1 tags into a new text file and giving it .html extension. Then open the file with any browser.

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