The Kaspersky Antivirus suite aims to be a solid reference point for those looking for a significant increase in their online security while maintaining a simple and intuitive interface.


For the purpose of malicious software detection, Kaspersky Antivirus uses both a regularly updated antivirus database and cloud-based machine learning functions.
If new malware is detected, it is further analyzed on Kaspersky’s cloud. Thanks to the machine learning feature, we can identify whether the detected software is actually harmful or not for the proper functioning of our system.

Kaspersky Antivirus
The interface of Kaspersky Antivirus with main tools.

As with similar antivirus suites of the same type, the “Quarantine” section allows users to access the files detected as malicious and choose whether to restore them in case of false positives.

Kaspersky has different types of scanning available:

Quick: examines the boot files, the boot sectors, the system memory— the critical areas of the system.

Complete: all disks and partitions are scanned, then all folders and files of your PC are scanned.

Selective: allows users to choose to scan only certain areas of the PC (specific files, specific folders, or specific disks).

Removable Drive Scan: useful for examining devices such as USB keys or external disks.

Additionally, it is also possible to carry out a generic scan of potential vulnerabilities in our device, that is, applications that have not been updated for a long time or software that was exposed to critical issues.

It should be noted that, although the quick scan is relatively short and examines only the most critical areas of your system, it is always better to perform a full scan for greater detection accuracy. As a result of our tests, there were no system slowdowns during the start of the scans, and all malware we installed on our test system was detected.

The Real-Time Protection feature, which monitors the execution of applications and the installation of new software, is also effective.


Testing also showed a good response from the protection features during web browsing. Kaspersky detected most of the dangerous sites visited, showing good efficiency of this service as well.

Web protection becomes more effective by activating the Kaspersky Protection browser extension, which provides additional security while browsing by implementing anti-phishing, anti-tracking, and ad-blocking features.

Two other functions offered by the Kaspersky Protection extension are also particularly interesting:

  1. The virtual keyboard, offering protection against the tracking of keystrokes on our conventional keyboard by possible keyloggers.
  2. Safe Money, a secure browser specially designed for the most delicate online operations, such as accessing banking sites for online purchases or simply checking your financial transactions.


In addition to device security, Kaspersky offers other additional software that can be added at the discretion of your subscription:


Among Kaspersky’s additional services, we also have a VPN, already included in the software when the main suite is installed.

200 MB per day of free data traffic is already included with all paid subscriptions, but if you need more traffic or performance (the free version allows you to choose only one server), you can upgrade to VPN Premium by purchasing a separate subscription.

Kaspersky Antivirus VPN Service
The free version of Kaspersky VPN has some data traffic limits and only one available server.

The VPN service offers, among the Premium features: unlimited traffic, Kill Switch functionality (the network is automatically isolated in case of connection loss from the VPN server), servers available in different countries, and automatic protection in case of connection to a public network.


This application is not included and must be downloaded separately. Parental Control has the purpose of protecting the online browsing of children, useful in case of family sharing of your device.

Among the features offered we have:

  • Limitation of content at your discretion (applications to be used, sites that can be visited, etc.);
  • Limitation of hours of use of the device;
  • Location tracking in the case of mobile devices and monitoring of social network usage.


Among the other software offered by Kaspersky that can integrate the protection and optimization of your device, we would also like to mention:

  • Password Manager: allows creating a robust database of passwords, protected by 256-bit AES encryption;
  • PC Cleaner: a tool that allows optimizing the system by analyzing the applications and extensions installed on your browsers;
  • Gaming Mode: pauses notification or scanning while you run your games;
  • Rescue Disk: a useful feature in case of malware tampering with the boot files of our operating system;
  • Webcam Protection: monitors the use of your webcam by other communication software such as Zoom and the like;
  • Data Encryption: creates an “armored” area in our system to protect our most sensitive files.


The security suite offered by Kaspersky Antivirus proves to be secure and with a high level of protection, all while maintaining a sober, simple, and intuitive user interface.
You can obtain a refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the service offered. A free version with basic antivirus features is also available (Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free). For more information you can visit the Kaspersky Official Website.

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