Do you remember what the web was like in the 1990s? The early versions of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and the like? It is not impossible to recreate virtual working environments with old operating systems and old software, thanks to software that allows the creation of virtual machines, but there is a small website that saves us the trouble and allows us to do this directly from our browser. We are referring to OldWeb.Today!

OldWeb.Today Homepage

OldWeb.Today allows you to emulate older versions of web browsers by choosing from NetScape, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mosaic, Ruffle, and the like, and surf the web as it once was with direct access to the Internet Archive. You will be able to rediscover, if you are nostalgic, the old versions of Web sites and how the Web looked in all respects when the fast connections of now were not yet widely available (you have to arm yourself with a lot of patience, since even the slowness of the pages is the same as in those days).

The site also allows browsing the current web: we tried it, and the difference in speed compared to more modern systems is abysmal.

💻Do you also want to take a leap into the past web? Visit OldWeb.Today!💻

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