Our Inkscape Tutorial is out on Udemy platform!!!

InkScape is one of the best tools you can use to realize your vector drawings under the most-common .SVG format under a completely free license. This is indeed the most recommended alternative for Adobe Illustrator and the best software to deal with .SVG files, well-spread across web development environment.

What you’ll learn

(Excerpt from the home page of our tutorial)

  • Learn how to use InkScape and get a quick, easy and complete tour across all its features with a time-efficient guide (60 minutes max);
  • Learn how to get and install InkScape on both Windows and MacOS and its wonderful Extensions;
  • Create a new Document and take a tour on the user interface, the basic navigation tools and the main Preferences;
  • Start drawing freehand with professional Tools and drop 2D and 3D shapes. Get advantage from the loads of Drawing Aids;
  • Add impressive pieces of Text along a single line, within any border, along any 2D path or within a defined shape;
  • Learn how to manage object Colors, their Fill, Stroke and Stroke Style, add Blur, Opacity, great Gradients and Effects;
  • Manage objects by moving, scaling, rotating them and also their alignment, their properties and their basic shape with Edit Tool;
  • Get how to manage multiple objects, how to make groups and how to perform boolean operations with these;
  • Learn how to manage and edit Bitmap Objects (images) within InkScape
  • Save your InkScape Project, select the export options and understand the different output formats you get into;
  • EXTRA: Learn how to realize interactive objects with InkScape with XML Editor and ID Selectors


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