The World Wide Web is not only composed of valuable information, it is also often possible to find very strange but at the same time original websites, some designed to make people laugh or parody, others to showcase somewhat eccentric content. So here is a list of five strange websites we found while surfing the Web.

1. The Zoomquilt

Zoomquilt is a website where we can go into the endless exploration of a fantastic world with beautiful designs. The original project dates back to 2004, and later Zoomquilt 2 and Arkadia Zoomquilt, two other different worlds, were also made.

2. Patience is a virtue

This website is designed to try the visitor’s patience in exhausting waits punctuated by ever-changing on-screen messages. Can you wait until the end? The writer of this article gave up before…😫


Web portal that wants to make a funny parody of Amazon in a dating site vein. We can find different profiles of all ages and genders. The developers, however, make it clear right away that the site is all a joke and they do not fail to repeat it several times to avoid misunderstandings.

4. Will Robots Take my Job?

On this site, the intent is to create a kind of database to help understand which jobs are likely to be replaced in the future by the automation of robots and artificial intelligences. Usage is simple, just enter the name of your job in the search field and the system will return as a result the probability of the risk of automation and other interesting data about the prospects for it in the future.

Also very interesting is the Rankings section, which encompasses some rankings on the least risky jobs, the highest paying jobs, the highest risk jobs, and so on.

5. Cat Bounce

About this small site there is not much to say, basically when you click the screen is invaded by cats bouncing all over our browser. If you are a cat lover you might smile, if you are not particularly so you will probably just close the browser web tab.

Well, that’s all for now. As you may have already read on our YouTube channel our activities for the month of August will be reduced, but from next month we will be back with our tutorials and all our related activities. Have a great summer everyone and stay tuned to our website!


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