Agent Ransack LogoAgent Ransack, developed by Mythicsoft, has a goal that is perhaps simple to imagine, but at the same time very ambitious: to go beyond the normal file search within our computers, exploring the contents of whatever files have text strings inside, no matter what extension our files have.

The software comes with a very intuitive interface: just enter the name of the file you want to search for or even just a part of it in case you don’t remember it, specify whether we also want to search for text within it or not, enter the absolute path on disk regarding where you want to search, click Start and you’re done. Agent Ransack will return as output all relevant results according to the search terms you entered.

Not surprisingly, among the testimonials of this software, there are those who made the following quote (quoted from the official website):

“If I were shipwrecked on a desert isle and could take only one software program with me, it would be Agent Ransack, hands down.”

Agent Ransack also includes many options for customizing the search by applying filters ranging from narrowing the folders to operate on to the size of the files. Dates can be set within which to search for changes, wildcard texts can be selected, and regular expressions can be used to apply filters to diversify the results obtained according to the user’s needs.

Mythicsoft’s software proves responsive, proposing results quickly and keeping in memory searches already made so as to further speed up searches later. Search options also include searching on PDF files.

Some use cases of Agent Ransack:

  • Searching for specific phrases or keywords within our documents;
  • In the development environment if we have several files containing our project and we need to search within them for strings, variables and the like and do not have our favorite IDE available immediately;
  • Searching for textual strings within files with any extension;
  • Searching for files or strings using filters and advanced options.

This file and text search utility is available either the free license or by purchasing one of the paid plans. Unfortunately, it is only available for Windows platforms. Portable versions are also available.

💻Would you like to try Agent Ransack? You can download it from the official website!💻

Featured Image by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash


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