Movavi Video Editor is a video editing tool that allows you to perform a variety of tasks including: video creation, audio editing, animation, adding subtitles, improving the quality of existing clips, and more.

The interface proves to be simple and intuitive, particularly suitable for the inexperienced user, who will not have to waste time searching for the appropriate function for what they need to do. In addition, thanks to an extensive multimedia catalog, you can add various effects to your creations including: audio, stickers, pre-set video samples. And if the basic catalog is not enough for us, additional effects are available in the dedicated store.

Movavi Video Editor
Movavi Video Editor Filters and Transitions

Good idea to divide the video editor into two modes: simplified and advanced. The first mode directly guides the user step by step to the creation of their video: first the video and photo material is imported and then the user is asked to add audio and various effects, all through a wizard. The second presents the classic interface of an advanced video editor program, with a timeline and all the tools known in the professional sphere of this field.

Some features of Movavi Video Editor that should be highlighted are:

Camera Capture: useful tool when you need to create video tutorials or simply to record a video message. You select a recording device, resolution, frame rate and audio capture device. The recorded video can then be edited to our liking directly in the video editor.

Stabilization Tool: a good solution to reduce shaking of a video. The tool will run a special built-in module by which you can increase or decrease the degree of motion smoothing.

Noise reduction by AI: eliminates all unwanted noise from your videos, such as atmospheric or other source effects.

Direct upload to Social Media: upload your videos directly to platforms such as Tik Tok or YouTube.

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Movavi Video Editor is available for both Windows and Mac as a free trial for about a week, after which the purchase of the paid version will be offered.
By reading some reviews on the net, users particularly appreciate of this tool the ease of use, the uncomplicated interface and the wide variety of effects and transitions. In addition, the purchase price of the Plus version proves to be lower than its direct competitors.

Featured Image by Pexels. Post Image by Movavi Official Website.

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