DataCamp is a learning platform that offers training courses on coding and data science, focusing mainly on the basics of these topics. It provides a hands-on learning experience and offers hands-on learning experiences, including data competency assessments to monitor progress and provide personalized suggestions, interactive expert-led courses and hands-on challenges.

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The course library is extensive, and also includes free courses such as:

You will learn a lot of valuable information that you can then build on with other materials such as books, courses, online communities like Kaggle, training programs, etc. DataCamp gives you the tools and you choose how you reap the benefits. You can go from “What are we talking about?” to “Now I know what it’s like to program with Python.”, and that’s pretty impressive considering that the annual licensing cost is not overly high.

After setting up the user profile, one is really impressed in a positive way with how the entire user experience is handled. From the very beginning, DataCamp makes it as easy as possible to get started. Then, they simplify the decision-making process so that you think as little as possible.
The interface of the courses is really easy to follow and perfect for every skill level, from beginners to experts. On the left we have the text of the lessons, on the right the work area for practice. It is also all managed through your web browser.

DataCamp has a free plan with some courses (and full access of first chapters of all courses), but to get the most out of this platform it is advisable to subscribe to one of the paid plans, the cost of which, given the skills provided, is really cheap.
Above we have listed some free courses provided by DataCamp, for more information we invite you to visit the official website.

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