The Web can sometimes hide bizarre or particularly strange sites. In this short article we will offer another list of some that we have found, wandering around the net.

The Zen Zone

As the site author’s own description mentions, a minimal area is proposed where one can meditate in absolute peace and tranquility. Relax your senses!

Random Colour

A simple web page that shows a different color each time it is refreshed.

90’s Cursor Effects

Each time you click on this page the effect of your mouse cursor changes. Try it to believe!

Drawing Garden

A minimal site but brilliant in its smallness, drag your mouse cursor to plant your own little garden. Option to have relaxing background music as well.

Checkbox Race

How long will it take you to click all 100 boxes with no margin for error? Find out with this interesting race!

How about you? Do you know of any other strange sites? Write it in the comments if you like!


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