PrivadoVPN is a platform that offers a Virtual Private Network (abbreviated as VPN) service. A VPN is a particular network service that can be used to encrypt Internet traffic and, as a result, protect one’s identity online, increasing one’s level of security while browsing the Web.

Here are some main features of PrivadoVPN:

Automatic Connection: ability to use the dedicated app on Desktops, mobile devices or routers to automatically connect to the service. You can also access with multiple devices;

No-Logs Policy: none of the online activity is monitored by this VPN service, so no server logs are kept. This policy is implemented both for users who choose the free plan and on those who choose the paid license;

Faster Downloads: protect your file transfers from snooping by changing your IP and encrypting all your data before you send it while keeping your speeds high;

Access your accounts anywhere: ability to access your entertainment accounts such as music, video or social anywhere in the world.

Kill Switch: service now popular in almost all VPN services. It allows you to block any incoming or outgoing traffic in the event of a sudden disconnection, avoiding revealing your IP address;

Socks5 Proxy: this is a simple server all of the data coming to and going from a particular application is routed through. It doesn’t encrypt your data, but it does change your IP address so that any activity done through that server isn’t directly traceable back to you. More information can be found at official page of this service.


In addition, there are servers divided among about 46 countries, VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, and Wireguard are used, Split Tunneling functionality is included, and customer service is 24/7.

✅Are you interested in PrivadoVPN’s service? Check out the official website for more information!

PrivadoVPN has three subscription plans: free, annual and monthly.
With the free plan, traffic is limited to 10 GB every 30 days, only one protected connection at a time and only 12 cities covered by the respective servers. However, the zero-log policy is maintained.
The annual or monthly paid plans unlock all the features of the service, guaranteeing, for example, unlimited traffic, servers in 61 cities, 10 connections at a time, SOCKS5 proxy and all other features provided by the service. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can have a full refund within 30 days.


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