Business Inquiries

Thank you for much for your interest in a business inquiry. If you need support in advertising your product, resolve bugs or reach more customers, this is the right place, thanks to our long-time experience in business inquiries with more than 80+ satisfied customers.

We can help you in several manners with professional and in-time services, including:

  • Dedicated video reviews in our YouTube channel, including a direct links through all our socials (upon request). You can check an example of our reviews here. Video views will come directly from YouTube and Google searches and so customers interested in your product;
  • Dedicated pinned comments and top video descriptions to include your own links (including tracking links);
  • Bug testing and dedicated support on your product respecting your NDA terms;
  • Dedicated articles in our website, which may include discount codes and outstanding giveaway campaigns;
  • We also offer live teaching if you want to get a super fresh start with your collaborators.

Sounds good? Contact us with our official form.

NB: you must be 100% compliant to US and EU laws, GDPR, COPPA policies including YouTube Terms of Services and AdSense Advertisement policy. We may reserve the right to decline your request if any of these regulations are not respected on any point.

NB: to confirm any order for video reviews an advance of 50% is mandatory to confirm the order and cover the first expenses.