We are people like you, delivering free video guides since 2013.

May 2013. All starts from a season of renewing. All starts from a severe, bad period, where all our past work on YouTube was lost.

Despite all, nothing could stop our deep passion. Too many thank-you’s were inside our heads. We restarted working, we restarted releasing videos, we started joining a mission: bringing a new way of learning. Short and free videos, to start from “zero” to “hero”, complete with both voice narration and subtitles.

2015 came, and we started offering voice overs with native English accents. The year after, the first companies join us to offer giveaways.

Finally, after so much time, our official website get released in 2017, continuing our mission, on and on. And we’ll do. Thanks to our outstanding long-time voice-overs working very hard for us: