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8-year-experienced company in Digital Online Teaching

Skills Factory is a group of freelancers starting delivering knowledge online since May 2013, counting 300K subscribers and more than 75 millions of views on YouTube with only one goal: delivering the most complete tutorials and courses in the shortest time possible.

We deliver content on video editing, audio editing, CAD software, image editing and manipulation, Office products and also Web development and programming since 2021.

Our team also collaborate with several important companies worldwide, including MAGIX Software GmbH, BorisFX, Cyberlink Corporation, Flash-Integro, LLC, Wondershare Tech, Skylum Software and more than other 50+ companies leaders in the field spread worldwide across Europe, Asia and America.

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Special thanks to all our collaborators:

John Riddle

Zachary Brown

Lauren Gobes


Gaia Anderson

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We always look for new voiceovers! Reach us via Fiverr if you want to.
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