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How many times have you wanted to delete your account from a web service but then realized that this operation was much more difficult than when you had registered for that service? A service named JustDeleteMe can help you in cases like these. Let’s see in this short guide how to do it!

JustDeleteMe collects the information needed to unsubscribe from various services on a single page: just choose the service we are interested in (or use the search bar provided), click on Show Info, and follow the instructions given.
A level of difficulty is given for each service:

  • EASY: the procedure for deleting your account is simple;
  • MEDIUM: the procedure for deleting your account is not immediate and requires a few extra steps;
  • HARD: the procedure is very complicated and you are often forced to contact customer service;
  • IMPOSSIBLE: you cannot delete your account, but you can remove sensitive data from your profile.
JustDeleteMe Homepage
JustDeleteMe Service Homepage

Some services already provide that the user can delete their account and personal data on their own, but with others you are forced to contact the appropriate customer service to see your account removed. In case the level “IMPOSSIBLE” is reported, it means that there is no way to delete one’s account from the databases of the requested service, but that it is still possible to “clean” it of one’s personal data, thus limiting its exposure.


When users click on a tile, they are redirected to the deletion page of the corresponding service (if available), saving users the trouble of navigating through often confusing account settings. For those services that do not provide a straightforward method to delete an account, JustDelete.me provides guides and instructions on how to best close the account or minimize the personal data held by the service. In addition to the direct links, JustDelete.me offers a range of guides and resources on topics like online privacy, digital footprint, and data brokers. These resources can be particularly helpful for users who are looking to better understand how their personal information is being used and how to protect themselves online.

Also, JustDelete.me provides a Chrome extension that users can install in their browser. This extension alerts the user when they browse a website that is listed on JustDelete.me, and it provides a direct link to delete the account.

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