Blender is a tool for creating 3D graphics, and it is completely free and open source.

Blender is a software used to make animated 3D images whose main feature is that it is free. It is one of the best known and most popular free 3D graphics programs. Although for some it may be considered more bare-bones than more accredited competitors, it is not a software for everyone and needs a period of training, at least in the initial stages, in order to fully understand how it works. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials, guides and a lot of material available online for novice users, as well as a community willing to help each other.

The Blender interface (image taken from the official website)

This tool is routinely used in the field of video games, for the creation of architectural environments and designs that require the use of 3D graphics. Blender, although an open source and free project, still boasts constant updates regarding functionality and code.

We can therefore define for all intents and purposes Blender as a professional tool, capable of building its own reputation against more emblazoned paid software, even it has been used to produce some successful movie films.

Blender’s interface is not very immediate, but neither is it too difficult to understand. Initially, the neophyte user may find some initial difficulties in juggling the various sections of the interface, which is formed in the center by the work area, on the left are the 3D tools that we can use for drawing, and on the right is scene management and the characteristics of the objects being worked on.

Blender is available under the GPL license and is freely downloadable from the official website for major operating systems such as Windows, Linux and macOS.

Featured Image taken from Blender Official Website for fair use.

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