We are launching a Giveaway campaign for Affinity V2 Universal Licence!

Affinity V2

This bundle includes the following software:

Affinity Designer is a graphic designing and UX solution that helps businesses create concept art, logos, icons, UI designs, print projects and mock-ups, among other illustrations. It enables web designers to build and preview gradients, adjustments, effects, transformations and curve edits in real-time.

Affinity PhotoΒ is the first choice of millions of creative and professional photographers worldwide. With incredible speed, power, and accuracy, this award-winning software has everything you need to process and retouch images, create multi-layered compositions or beautiful raster illustrations, and more. It also boasts hundreds of time-saving tools and a completely redesigned user interface to make your editing experience smoother than ever.

Affinity Publisher is the next generation of professional page layout software. Create books, magazines, marketing materials, social media templates, website mock-ups, and more. This app with its smooth, intuitive interface gives you the ability to combine images, graphics and text to create beautiful, publication-ready layouts.


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πŸ’»You can also view our tutorials already available on our YouTube channel regarding Affinity Designer for Beginners and Affinity Photo for Beginners.

Available Affinity V2 Universal Licences: 3
Deadline: ENDED

Featured Image by Affinity Official Site

  1. After years of PSD use, I am looking for an alternative. This Bundle seems to fit the bill. Would love to continue working in a package that looks to
    be very professional in all areas. Thank you for this opportunity to excel and maintain my skills as a budding visual artist. This giveaway is very generous.
    Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  2. Illustrator: Con’s vs Free Inkscape: Pro’s. What about this awarded interesting Affinity Suite? I would really like to discover it!
    From Reunion Island, thanks to @theskillsfactory.com Team πŸ†’ and good luck everybody! πŸ’ 

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