Retrieve Guide is a monetization platform for exclusive content.

Unlike other platforms of its kind, Retrieve sees itself first and foremost as a business partner to its content creators. It pairs the creator with a team of experts who will provide the utmost assistance and support to guide the professional on which products work best for their audience and what tools to use.

Retrieve offers direct, fast, and quality guides and provides an interactive and custom-designed selection for the creator’s followers. Followers can interact through time codes and various search functions, including voice, thanks to an AI that makes everything much easier for them. The platform also features the ability to send direct messages to the professional, for free or for a fee, to facilitate interaction with their audience.

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This particular user-centric focus and interest is genuine and motivated by the fact that Retrieve does not require upfront payments to get started with its products. It is in the interest of the platform itself to make sure that the creator’s content is valued and functional for its followers; in fact, the platform only starts earning when the professional does. Retrieve offers many ways to earn, including:

  • Monetization through guides
  • Direct consulting
  • Subscriptions, communities, events organization
  • Paid content creation and affiliate sales

The service offered does not impose regular content production over time as it does not require subscriptions from the content creator but sells its guides individually, each on its own landing page for easy access.

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