ShotCut is a video editing tool for anyone who wants to create high-quality videos without having to spend money. It is ideal for beginners and hobbyists, but also for those who create content for social media such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. With ShotCut you can cut out unwanted parts of your videos and merge several clips to create one smooth video. This allows you to put together the best parts of your recordings quickly and easily.

The program offers a wide range of special effects that can make your videos more interesting. You can add color filters, transitions between scenes, and many other effects that enhance the look of your project. You can also insert text, titles and subtitles directly onto your videos, as well as allowing you to add your favorite music as a soundtrack. This is especially useful for creating eye-catching and engaging videos.

ShotCut Screenshot from Official Website
ShotCut Screenshot from Official Website

About Features

With ShotCut you can create text effects, even in 3D, and super cool transitions. It supports resolutions up to 4K and has advanced audio filters that let you mix audio tracks and more.

Use is not particularly difficult for software of this level; if you are already familiar with VSDC or OpenShot, you should have no trouble. On the main site you will find a number of English tutorials that will help you get started, and on YouTube you can find tutorials in several languages for any “level”.

You can export videos in lots of formats, such as mp4 and mkv, and if you want, you can configure the codecs in detail.

ShotCut can be found visiting the Official Website.


In all, ShotCut would be really good; the only problem is the tendency to crash more than it should, especially with the Windows version (on Linux it seems to have less difficulty), due to some problems with the video drivers. As long as you limit yourself to basic operations no problem, but if you insist on more complex operations (perhaps done in a hurry), then the crashes will become quite frequent.

Other users have complained about the lack of some advanced features found in other professional video editors. For example, it does not support keyframes for all parameters, limiting the possibilities for smooth animations and gradual changes in effects. In addition, the absence of a greenscreen (chroma key) feature and limited support for 3D editing can be significant limitations for demanding users.


However, the final judgment regarding this software remains positive and it proves to be a viable alternative in the open source world.

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