PrivaZer is perfect for cleaning up after you’ve used your PC, whether you’re at home or work, browsing the internet, or just downloading files. It also helps you free up disk space.

Many cleaning and maintenance software claim to protect and enhance user privacy, but for PrivaZer this is a real goal to be achieved by all possible means. This tool falls into the freemium software category, offering both a free version and a paid version with extra features. However, even in the basic version, PrivaZer offers a wide range of options and features that make it difficult to remain dissatisfied.

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Main Features

PrivaZer requires an initial setup step through a dedicated welcome window. The user can choose between customizing the tool “with a few clicks,” accessing the main menu directly, or using a previously saved .ini settings file. If you opt for customization, you will need to select the items to be cleaned or deleted through sixteen different dialog boxes, complete with explanations and illustrative icons. PrivaZer is the only cleaning tool that also offers the possibility of deleting the backup copy of the previous version of Windows, in case of an operating system upgrade.

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After starting the scan with the appropriate button, you can either manually go through all the files found by PrivaZer, or start the cleanup by choosing from three different methods: the “normal” Cleanup, which takes longer but offers better protection; the “quick” Cleanup, which does not provide the same level of privacy; and the “turbo” Cleanup, which is limited to a basic erasure of traces. We strongly recommend using the Normal Cleaning, since in our tests it took about half the minimum time specified in the default theoretical range.


In terms of resource usage, PrivaZer is less cumbersome than some competitors, but it can still use a significant amount of RAM and CPU while running. It is most efficient when run when the system is not engaged in other activities.

Some users report that PrivaZer, like other similar software, may delete important files or necessary registry keys, which may corrupt the operating system. This is a common problem with many cleaning software, so it is important to be cautious when using it. Others, on the other hand, have found undoubted privacy benefits but a slight overall deterioration in terms of system startup in the first few uses following a scan.


PrivaZer proves to be a fairly good tool compared to its competitors, however, as with all software of this type there is a need to take into account possible risks in using it. As far as the tools dedicated to user privacy are concerned, the software proves to be amply up to the task.

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