Among this year’s most anticipated products is definitely the Apple Watch X (name not yet confirmed). To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its first smartwatch, Apple has big news in store for its wearable devices.

According to rumors circulating online, the next Apple Watch will have major design changes and many new health features.

Although there is no official confirmation yet, leakers are already spreading interesting details about the device’s possible spec sheet.

About Design

The new Apple Watch could have a slimmer design than previous models and an innovative magnetic mechanism for attaching the straps to the watch face.
This system would not only avoid docking problems but also free up space inside the watch, allowing Apple to insert additional components, such as larger batteries.

Another rumor concerns the display, which according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman will be a microLED. This would provide higher brightness, a wider viewing angle and better screen responsiveness.

However, there are still many uncertainties on this point. In fact, analyst Min-Chi Kuo suggested that the new displays may not arrive until 2025 or 2026 and that the next models will have larger screens: the base model will go from 41 to 45 mm, while the Ultra model will go up to 49 mm.

An Apple Watch Photo
Apple Watch – Photo by Alexandr Borecky – Pexels

About Features

According to Bloomberg, Apple will mainly focus on integrating new features for monitoring vital parameters.

In this regard, information is still scarce, but it seems that Apple’s goal is to make its smartwatch a full-fledged smart health assistant, allowing users to take care of their well-being more effectively.

For some time now, the Apple Watch has been considered a health device in its own right, so it is likely that the company will continue to develop this direction.

New settings for monitoring blood pressure should be introduced, including features to record and track measurements in a journal. Rumors also mention new options for sleep monitoring, with a special focus on sleep apnea, and solutions for monitoring diabetes and blood glucose levels without the need for finger pricking.


In all likelihood, the new Apple Watch X will be unveiled this fall along with the upcoming iPhone 16. This event will help redesign Apple’s product ecosystem, seamlessly integrating devices such as the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro, iPhones, AirPods, and notebooks.

At the moment, these are only rumors. For more precise confirmations and details, we will just have to wait patiently for the official announcement at the next event, scheduled for later this summer.

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