💛💙We again express total solidarity with Ukraine population! Join Online Aid Concert For Ukraine!💛💙

As mentioned in our YouTube Channel, we are kindly inviting you to join a dedicated online concert to help Ukrainian refugees, including loads of poor children that are feeling terribly loneliness right now.

For more information you can visit this link 👉 https://concertforukraina.com/

If you want to buy a ticket directly 👉 https://concertforukraina.com/donate/

Every three tickets you will help one child to move on.

If you’re wondering where your money is going, here’s an excerpt from the official concert website:

Part of the money goes to the Hungarian, Romanian, Estonian, Polish, Slovakian etc. organizations that carry the weight of this huge wave of refugees. They have monstrous expenses, which are not compensated by state resources. They are the ones to receive the refugees and let them eat and drink, provide accommodation, interpreters, medical care for them, arrange their journey as they travel on, get clothes for them, and toys, books and school supplies for the children. And the flood of refugees has not stopped.

Almost every refugee is destitute. Well-meaning Europeans take them in for a while, they can stay at state refugee shelters or camps, but this cannot go on forever. They need to survive somehow even until they find a job, and it is part of human dignity to not live on charity but be able to pay for our accommodation, food, the kids’ nappies and clothes.

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A preview of the concert is available at this link 👉 Kiraly: Four Fantasies

The more we are, the more people we will help!!! Join Online Aid Concert For Ukraine!
If you want contribute for Humanitarian Assistance, you can also check this post.

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