Olive Video Editor is a totally free and open source tool that allows editing of our videos. This software is still in Alpha version, this means that it is not yet in a full version and there may be bugs or glitches, not by chance on the official website of this tool there is a section dedicated just to reporting bugs.

There is no shortage of strengths, however; users of this tool particularly appreciate its fluidity, an effects library containing almost all the essentials, and the ability to hear audio as you scroll through the frames of your video, a feature sometimes lacking on other, more high-profile software in the industry. Olive’s interface is simple but not easy to use. For a new user, it is difficult to find all the tools and use them to edit videos; as handy as they are, the user often has to figure out how to use them. Effects are available on a separate tab with a rather simple and minimal interface, where you have to manually enter values to edit your video.

Olive Video Editor
Olive Video Editor Interface

Olive Video Editor has a good base of tools for video editing. You can trim, cut, rotate, scale, change position, and make other changes without any problems. You can go frame by frame and edit anything you want.
There are several video effects present and using them makes our videos more appealing.
We can add distortions, color correction, blurs, transitions and much more. In addition to video effects we can add text such as titles, captions, subtitles, all largely customizable as we can attribute properties such as shadows and padding to our texts.
Finally, there is also an audio editing feature that allows us to add, cut, split and adjust any audio track to our projects, as well as adjust its volume and panning, plus a handy voiceover feature to record our voice during videos (can be handy in case we were making a tutorial or guide).

Olive presents two versions, both still in the Alpha stage, 0.1 and 0.2. The former is considered the most stable, but it is no longer receiving support from the developers, who are putting all their focus on 0.2. Olive Video Editor is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Would you like to try Olive Video Editor? Check out the official website!

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