Clip Studio Paint is an advanced digital drawing and painting software widely recognized for its versatility and powerful features, making it ideal for artists and illustrators of comics, manga, illustrations and animation.
Featuring a wide range of customizable brushes, vector drawing tools, advanced coloring features and exceptional layer management, Clip Studio Paint offers a rich and intuitive environment for bringing professional-quality artistic creations to life. Its user interface is customizable to suit each artist’s preferences, while its resources, such as 3D models and reference materials, facilitate the creation of complex works.

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You can find more info about Clip Studio Paint visiting the Official Website or our video tutorial.

Clip Studio Paint Screenshot from Official Website
A Screenshot from Official Website about software features

Main Features

Clip Studio Paint is renowned for a set of cutting-edge features, here are some of them:

Customizable Brushes
A wide selection of highly customizable brushes that simulate traditional drawing techniques. Users can create unique effects by adapting opacity, size and shapes as needed.

Vector Drawing Tools
Provides advanced vector tools that allow users to produce clean, editable lines, ideal for precision work such as creating comics and detailed illustrations.

Advanced Color Management
Offers sophisticated coloring options, including tools for gradients, textures and patterns, allowing artists to explore a wide range of coloring styles and techniques.

Animation and Timeline
The EX version includes dedicated animation features, allowing users to create frame-by-frame animations with an intuitive timeline interface, making it possible to animate characters and scenery.

3D and Reference Materials
Clip Studio Paint provides 3D models and objects to use as drawing guides, helping artists create accurate proportions and realistic character positions.

Layer Management
Advanced layer management tools allow easy manipulation of individual parts of illustrations, supporting adjustment layers, layer masks and layer groups.

Comics and Page Layouts
Specialized tools for creating comics, including those for page layout, dialog balloon drawing and narrative sequence control, simplifying the production of professional comic stories.

Customization and Shortcuts
The user interface is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the workspace to their preferences. Keyboard shortcuts can be configured to quickly access frequently used functions.

Community and Resources
Clip Studio Paint offers access to an extensive library of free and paid materials, including brushes, textures and backgrounds, as well as an active community for exchanging tips and resources.

Multi-Device Compatibility and Support
It works on multiple platforms (Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone and Android devices), supporting continuity of work between different devices, making it flexible for artists on the go.


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