FXHome Hitfilm is a very good and free solution to start realizing your own media clips, very similar to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and without any subscription license.

The basic version, called Hitfilm Express, is complete with everything you need to start from scratch: import your media, add corrections and amazing effects to these, apply pieces of text and render up to 4K full 60fps resolution (for free!).
Its precise layers structure makes it a good alternative to Premiere Pro and allows to grant full control on your video compositions and their overall flow. Its simple interface makes it a good choice for both beginners starting from the first time and also experts coming from advanced environment too.

But if you want to go advanced, you can upgrade to Hitfilm Pro, in order to access to major video format compatibility, faster video rendering and a wide range of professional audio and visual effects you can apply to your clips or for simply used for video post-production.

We definitely suggest FXHome Hitfilm for everyone moving from Adobe Premiere Pro without going through an excessive learning curve, but this software is also good for amateurs that want to take a step towards a more advanced and professional environment, more complete and organized rather than the simpler Shotcut or Apple iMovie.

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