WonderShare DemoCreator is a software that allows you to capture the screen of your device or edit existing videos. It is a very good solution for those who need to be able to capture the screen to create tutorials, courses, or gaming livestreams. DemoCreator allows recording up to 120 fps, which is, not surprisingly, a very popular solution among gamers looking to record or stream their games.

Regarding this software’s functions, you can add special effects to your recordings, highlight mouse movements, or define the recording area of your screen, thus avoiding areas of the screen that don’t interest you. Once the recording is finished, DemoCreator lets you edit everything to your liking. You can add fading effects, text, annotations, captions, cut out uninteresting parts, add transition effects, and much more.

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DemoCreator is available in a free trial version but has several limitations, including a maximum duration of 10 minutes of recordings, limited motion effects and text animation, and the application of a watermark to exported videos.

The paid version, on the other hand, allows you to remove the watermark when exporting video recordings, access all the available special effects, and remove the recording limit.

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