offers a complete suite for editing and creating multimedia elements. Its main services include a logo generator, a video editor, a text-to-speech converter, an editor for layouts and design, and a presentation editor.

Logo Maker offers very intuitive editing to create real custom logos that best reflect your business or brand. After choosing the name of your brand and a motto that distinguishes it, the software allows you to choose between different layout styles and a main color to assign to your choice.

Design Maker allows you to create graphic elements that can be used for a variety of purposes, including social networks, advertisements, cards, etc. provides several predefined templates and allows the user to choose where the template will be used, whether that’s on a particular social network or perhaps simple web content.

Video Maker allows you to turn textual or multimedia content into videos, with your choice of custom voice-over from a large database of male and female voices and easily editable preset templates e to generate video content simply and quickly with minimal video editing tools.

The Speech Maker feature allows you to transform text elements into voice content, with your choice of more than fifty voices in various languages.

With the Graphic Maker feature option, you can process simple presentation layouts with ready-made graphic elements from an internal database. Your final product can then be converted into SVG format (for web design) or PNG format.

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