Is it possible to create a living with gaming passion?

In today’s video game industry, many opportunities exist for those with a passion for gaming to turn their hobby into a career. Game development, blogging, creating a YouTube channel, or starting a business are some options. Follow the tips below to monetize your gaming passion, presented below by The Skills Factory.

How to Get Your Foot in the Door

From game development to marketing and everything in between, there are many jobs in the industry. You’ll need some essential skills  — especially creativity — to get started.
Creativity is vital, so if you can’t think outside the box, this job may not be for you. Working on a team is also essential. Since development teams are typically small, effective communication and collaboration are crucial. You’ll need the appropriate skills. While coding skills are a big plus, people with solid writing and art skills can still find plenty of opportunities.
The next step is to build up your resume once you’ve honed your skills. Consider volunteering or interning with game development studios while you’re still in school. Any evidence that you’re passionate about gaming will make your application stand out, even if you don’t have direct experience. After graduating, look for entry-level jobs or junior development positions. Finally, be sure to network. Attend gaming conventions and meetups, and introduce yourself to as many people as you can — you never know who might be able to help you out.
These can be the first steps for a living from your gaming passion.

Get Paid for Playing

Many professional gamers make a living playing video games. So if you’re especially good at playing video games and looking for a way to make some extra money, you can do the same. If you’re exceptionally good at Minecraft, for instance, you can put together Minecraft banner designs for your YouTube channel using an online banner maker to help with branding. You can easily create an attractive banner by choosing a template and customizing it with images, fonts, backgrounds, and design assets.

Start a Video Game-Related Business

Starting a business related to video games can be a great way to tap into a rapidly growing industry. If you choose this route, consider starting a limited liability company. An LLC offers limited liability protection, meaning you won’t be personally liable for the debts and liabilities of the business. This option provides tax advantages and can help simplify the paperwork associated with running a business. LLCs also offer flexibility in ownership and management, which can be helpful as your business grows and changes. Before moving ahead with forming an LLC, check the rules in your state, as they can vary. Once you understand the process, filing yourself or using a formation service can help you avoid hefty lawyer fees.

Find Success

With hard work and dedication, you can find success in the video game industry. Whether starting a video gaming business, getting involved in game development, or starting a YouTube channel or blog, as long as you have the appropriate skills and passion, you can join the ranks of successful video gaming entrepreneurs.
These are just a few tips for creating your own living with gaming passion.

Text by Sharon Redd
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