Luminar Neo is the most advanced photo editor released by Skylum Software. Powered by AI you can correct, manipulate and unleash the best from your photos, whatever is the subject covering either landscapes or portraits.

It is no coincidence that one of the main slogan of the developers of this editor is:

Photos as you imagined them

Luminar Neo includes 36 editing tools plus 13 artificial intelligence-based enhancements that extend those already provided in previous versions. In addition we have features such as Skin Enhancer, Face and Structure that automatically apply relevant enhancements to our work.
The new artificial intelligence-based tools specific to Luminar Neo count features such as removing portrait background, removing sensor dust, removing any power lines, and several others. This editor also introduces flexible user-centered tool application order while editing an image.

✅You can get one of Luminar Neo’s licensing plans from the official website*

Main Features of Luminar Neo

  • RAW file handling and editing: this editor also handles RAW file editing like most of its competitors. Among the supported formats we have: PEF, PPM, CR2, ORF, RAF, ERF, ARW, RW2, NEF, DNG.
  • Remove the Background without masking: no more eternal and tiring manual selections. AI technology autonomously detects and selects the subjects of our photos. You can remove the entire background behind a person and use it as a layer or export it as a PNG format file.
  • Remove Powerlines AI: the artificial intelligence-based erasure tool allows the removal of dust spots and power lines with the click of a button. The results are quality and immediate.
  • Sky Replacement AI: this is a feature of Luminar AI, the same feature in Neo has even better performance. AI changes its perception about our work depending on the effect set. It is possible to replace the sky in our photos by choosing from several available effects.
  • Different Presets for every preference: the presets in Luminar Neo are similar to the templates in Luminar AI. When you upload your photo to the editing section of Luminar Neo, you have preset options in the upper right corner. The AI engine will evaluate the image and select the appropriate presets. There are many options, suitable for all working styles. You apply the presets with one click, and then you can adjust the intensity with the slide control bar.
  • Portrait Retouching: interesting feature that allows you to highlight facial and skin features (thanks to the SkinAI and FaceAI functions). In addition, portraits are enhanced by applying effects to make lips look vibrant, reflections of the irises of the eyes, blemish-free skin, and as natural a facial contour correction as possible.
Luminar Neo Sky Replacement
Sky Replacement feature demo


Luminar Neo demonstrates a smooth and well-functioning interface, effects are applied almost instantly, you can remove imperfections with just a few clicks. Portraits can be enhanced and adjusted with excellent artificial intelligence tools.
The editor proves that it can be a very good solution for professionals in the industry, but not only that, influencers could also find a valuable help in their work with Luminar Neo.

💻You can also check our video tutorial about Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo works as a standalone (available on both Windows and macOS) or can be used as a plugin in software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and the Photos editor on Mac systems.

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