How many of you remember old MS-DOS games?

Hard-core gamers who started in the early days of PC gaming will undoubtedly remember the advent of the first shooter games, point-and-click adventures with their sometimes difficult-to-solve puzzles, early strategy games, survival horrors made with the first crude polygon graphics, and early platformers. Games that marked an era and paved the way for modern-day gaming. Some nostalgic people still keep the old floppy disk copies of these days in their homes, sometimes unusable due to the very demagnetization of these old storage media.

The Internet Archive website, provides a page where a large collection of old games popular from the early 1990s onwards can be started using a built-in emulator (the popular DOSBOX).

MS-DOS games
Home Page of Software Library MS-DOS Games Section

Among the MS-DOS games we can find in this collection we have: Prince of Persia, Monkey Island, Pac-Man, the DOOM series, Sim City, Duke Nukem, The Incredible Machine, classic Tomb Raider, Flight Simulator, Contra, Wolfenstein 3D, Discworld, Golden Axe and many, many more!

Following several trials, this free service is definitely great for those who want to replay the games of their adolescence or childhood for a quick game, but to play them seriously we recommend downloading an emulator such as DOSBOX directly and retrieving your favorite game from one of the many sites that deal in abandonware games. However, it is undeniable that the list of titles present is quite substantial, in fact, just keep scrolling down the page that more titles are gradually loaded.
On the left side of the site screen, on the other hand, it is possible to use a search function in case we want to look for a specific title, or apply search filters depending on games released in a particular year, a specific genre, etc.

Have we intrigued you?
🎮You can access the collection of MS-DOS games yourself from this link.

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