Ashampoo Photo Commander is a photo editor available for Windows devices and it assumes the purpose of providing more than a normal photo editing service with some filters, but a real professional solution. Ashampoo software house has been in the industry for more than two decades, providing various software solutions for every need such as burning, multimedia, office, security solutions and more.

Ashampoo Photo Commander
Ashampoo Photo Commander Main View

In addition to the normal photo editing functions, Photo Commander also has a geo-tagging function. With this function, you can save any picture and put their geographical location as a reference. This also further helps you sort your photos by location. So no matter how large your image collection is, this feature will help you group your photos according to the shooting location you set.
This editor allows you to crop photos with ease, straighten the horizon line of images, accentuate colors, and change the overall perspective of your image. There are more than two hundred functions related to photo editing. With Ashampoo Photo Commander you can discover new features with each use, all in one software, without the purchase of additional packages.

Another interesting feature is the ability to burn photos and videos directly to CD or DVD. The procedure is easy and intuitive and requires no special technical knowledge.

A more accurate overview of the features of this editor can be found on the official website, from which we quote some of them:

Full Windows 11 compatibility
Native 64-bit support for optimal memory usage and speed
Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) support for optimized CPU usage
40% faster loading of JPGs
Numerous codec upgrades (PNG, WEBP, JXR, etc.)
New burning and scanning technologies
Lightning-fast file browser to low memory footprint
Enhanced video playback
New wizards for slideshows, batch processing, and duplicate scans
Convert WebP into JPG

All in all, Photo Commander proves to be a software with a solid foundation that is no match for its respective competitors in the industry. It is also available in addition to a paid version in a free version.


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